主链 DApp 发展现状分析:DApp 应彰显区块链技术独有的应用价值

在极速发展的区块链行业中,新项目与新玩法层出不穷,同时许多已有项目正跌宕起伏甚至销声匿迹。2019 年的区块链周期性回落和大量玩家离场是大概率事件,而在探索区块链行业新的可能性的过程中,梳理行业生态的现状尤为重要。


Spark Blockchain Will Co-Host The 2018 ASEAN Digital Assets Summit on December 9

Boston, MA, November 20, 2018 - Spark Blockchain and Onexpo International will co-host the 2018 ASEAN Digital Assets Summit on December 9, 2018 at the Bangkok Convention Centre @ Central World in Bangkok, Thailand. Strategic partners for this event include Liaoyuan, Neex.com, OATH, Infinitus, QuarkChain and He Cai Jing. There will be more than 1000 attendees, more than 30 executives, more than 50 speakers and more than 100 media partners globally attending this event.


Next Step! Mars Blockchain Summit NYC to be Held on October 18, 2018

Mars Finance will, together with blockchain pioneers from China, go to New York, the capital of global finance, and chat with each of NASDAQ, Ripple, Standard & Poor’s, Morgan Stanley, Barclays and Digital Galaxy, the global largest digital currency investment bank! The founder of Mars Finance, Fred Wang said that Mars Finance U.S. Version will be released right after the Summit


The Biggest Social Event After Consensus Invest 2018

The Fintech & Blockchain social night unites the exclusive and industry-leading professionals and experts of the blockchain field; leaders and influencers from Gemini, Ethereum, Coinbase, Coindesk, etc. are going to attend and share their perspectives, continuing the discussion that focuses on blockchain and cryptocurrency in the daytime.


GXChain Whitepaper 3.0: Create a Trusted Data Internet of Value

A dominant Chinese blockchain player, GXChain, released its newest whitepaper 3.0: A Trusted Data Internet of Value on Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2018, which describes the development in TrustNodes election, earnings and business models of the GXChain Data Economy Ecosystem.