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Top 5 Blockchain Games You Cannot Miss in 2019

Although we’ve already been halfway through 2019, it’s never too late to have a valuable list of the most interesting blockchain games in 2019.

To make the list as objective as possible, we have done so much in the past two months. We’ve researched and tried more than 100 blockchain games, read hundreds of pieces of critiques and reviews, and interviewed over 60 blockchain game enthusiasts from the U.S., China, and Korea. Subsequently, we chose 10 games from candidates and graded them based on their gameplay, characters, graphics quality, and so on. We chose the 5 games with the highest score from our shortlist.

Phew. Finally, it comes to the moment when we can finally share our Top 5 BLOCKCHAIN GAMES in 2019 with all of you.

Let’s check them out!

Blankos Block Party https://blankos.com/

Source: Blankos Block Party

Blankos Block Party is created by Mythical Games, a game technology studio established in 2018 with team members who formerly worked on Guitar Hero, DJ Hero, and the World of Warcraft Expansions.

As the team’s inaugural game, Blankos Block Party provides a new multiplayer gaming experience where players will be able to build their own parties and invite their friends to join in. Meanwhile, players can design their Blankos, the toys, and “buy, trade, or sell their designs with other players to grow their collection”.

Although the studio didn’t reveal many details regarding the platform, the Blankos keep attracting vinyl toy collectors since they include rare models developed by various legendary artists. According to Blankos Block Party, Blankos are fun and mischievous vinyl toys which inhabit their own offbeat world and live the fleek life focusing on good times.

Gods Unchained https://godsunchained.com/

Source: Medium/Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a decentralized competitive card game similar to Hearthstone. In this 1v1 turn-based competitive game, players use their decks of cards and select different Gods to battle with their opponents.

The difference of Gods Unchained from Hearthstone is that in the Gods Unchained players have ownership over in-game purchases and items since the cards in the game are stored on Ethereum. At the same time, players are able to freely purchase new cards or trade their existing cards.

While some cards can only be obtained by trade or from weekly rotation, a free-to-play core set of hundreds of untradable cards is available to all players. Gods Unchained is expected to launch in September, 2019. With the recent interoperability with CryptoKitty, there is a lot of excitement surrounding this game.

Hash Rush https://hashrush.com/

Source: Hash Rush

Hash Rush is a fantasy real-time strategy game adopting cryptocurrency. The game is set in the fictional Hermeian galaxy. In the game, players build their base and strengthen their colony to fight monsters and defend their Crypto Crystals. Meanwhile, to earn more Crypto Crystals, players need to mine mystical Crypto Crystals from the crypto vein and trade valuable items and resources.

With more Crypto Crystals, players are able to progress up the leaderboard and earn themselves Ethereum and in-game items like bonuses and other prizes.

Besides, since the game has outstanding graphical quality and the development team keeps introducing playable race and interesting characters, Hush Rush is highly anticipated.

Block Pirate https://www.blockpirate.io/

Source: Block Pirate

Block Pirate is the first DApp game combining tower defense and TCG. It is developed by  Block Kingdom, a North American blockchain game development team, based on GXChain.

In the game, each player is the lord of an island leading their people to fight for Block Crystals (BLOCK) with their defensive and attack troop cards. The most fascinating feature of the game is its asynchronous PvP gameplay. Players have to first deploy their defensive army and then attack others’ preset defense. Besides, the adoption of the leaderboard and ranking matchmaking system make the game attractive.

Block Pirate already launched its open beta test. Although the game primarily targets users in China, it is well received in the global blockchain industry. Its development team, Block Kingdom, was invited as the only DApp game development team to attend Consensus 2019.

The Sandbox https://www.sandbox.game/

Source: Medium/The Sandbox

The Sandbox is one of the largest user-generated content game platforms where players are able to create their own voxel world and invite their friends to play in the world.

What makes the latest version of The Sandbox unique is that players are able to publish their creations on blockchain as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and freely trade with users from different platforms.

This version of The Sandbox is expected to be released at the end of 2019.

The core of games is to bring people fun and happiness, so should be blockchain games.

All of the 5 blockchain games focus on bringing players a brand new entertainment experience that traditional games would never have.

Even though not all of the blockchain games listed before are available now, with outstanding gameplay, these 5 blockchain games worth players waiting and attention.

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